Our Story of Sustainability

The Agrawal family is a family with a long-held devotion to sustainability and environmental consciousness. The family is known for the various activities the family does to help the environment and the people around them. For the love of sustainability and a healthy lifestyle, Avya Agro was birthed by the Agarwal family. Avya Agro officially entered the market in Mid-September 2021 and launched our first product on the 25th of December of the same year.

Our story began with just a few heads of cattle, who were without any doubt the most inspiring and selfless individuals we’ve ever met. Now, after months of hard work, dedication, and a profound passion for organic products, we have over 50+ cows and ever-growing family business on Avya Agro Farm. We believe now more than ever, that as long as there are goals to be achieved together, we’ll never stop living up to your expectations!
Avya Agro Farm is more than just a place to buy provisions for your farm. It’s a home away from home for the community of people that call it just that. And since our very first day we’ve always put a lot of effort into building relationships with everyone we meet so that they can get to know us. At the start with a limited number of orders and very few clients, we established our authenticity since our products are produced by our own very partners the Swarna Kapila Gir Cows. But even after we built our reputation and gained a great deal of goodwill, there were still obstacles in our way as any new business faces during growth spurts. But because we’re committed to doing things right no matter what, we persevered through all the challenges and now with the help of people who share our values and our vision, Avya Agro Farm is ready to take its place among big brands everywhere.

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Varsha Agrawal

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Never start a business just to make money , start a business to make a difference and with this mindset, Varsha and Sunita came together and Avya Agro was founded.The idea behind this business was formed during the pandemic when we saw how important our immunity is and how incorrect cultivation practices have impacted our health.

Avya Agro was founded with the cause of going back to our roots for organic farming and from innovating products to hampers and to visioning landscapes, they have done it all. They believe in obtaining peace from nature and have made it their goal to educate people about the benefits of nature and how to incorporate it into our lives.

Any business has two functions innovations and marketing. If innovations are their passion then marketing head is Sunita. Her motto is always deliver more than expected. She believes that best advertisement is done by satisfied customers.

This inspiration also comes from Varsha’s mother since Ms. Pushpa Gupta is a very well known person in this field with her own nursery – Shrushti Rop Vatika in Pune and an extensive knowledge of plants for over two decades.

Certified Products

Avya Agro A2 Cultured Ghee has German Certification.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to maintaining authenticity and set out to make sustainability a priority. Today, while the market is filled with chemical and artificial substances used on our home & garden plants, Avya Agro wants to make a difference with pure organic products (fertilizers & pesticides) straight from Avya Agro Farms. They are 100% Organic, Chemical Free a Rich source of nutrients for our plants.

We truly believe that as long as we’re willing to put in the hard work and are determined enough, we can reach any goal that we set out for ourselves! We hope that you’ll help us spread awareness about the importance of making certain life choices today, such as the usage of organic products so that this world can continue tomorrow, and the source of life- that is our plants and us, are healthy in all times to come.

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