The finest hand crafted gifts one can receive or gift because they are a reminder to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us and a gift which lasts a lifetime just like the bond we have with you.

Gifting a plant

Gifting plants is a great things and these are simple creature of the nature and every plant has it’s own unique meaning. They are used for all occasions like anniversary, birthday, for sympathy, to wish someone for the future. These are the best option to gift anyone. To gift the plant are the symbol of trust, respect. Gifting a plant also mean is that we are telling that person, nature is so beautiful and important for our life. So, save the plants and care of them to maintain a greenery environment.


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Customization of hampers

Your vision is our duty, now curating personalised hampers according to your exact needs with a touch of our speciality by using plants as a medium. 
It’s not everyday we can customise a hamper exactly catering to our needs but Avya Agro is here to spread the love of plants and wellness with a little bit of spice.

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