Keeping your plants’ and soils’ health has now been made easy. Our products are made on our farm with the cow dung we get from our Gir Cows.  This marks them to be organic in nature with the best quality you can receive!


These are beds created to help vermi worms manufacture organic compost. They aid by turning cow dung and green waste into highly fertile compost and ensures that no chemical fertilisers are used.
April (Poster (Landscape)) (1)
April (Poster (Landscape))

Soil Health

Healthy soil allows plants to grow to their maximum productivity without underlying diseases or pests and without a need for off-farm supplements. Healthy soil is consists of bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, nematodes, and other tiny creatures. These organisms play an important role in maintaining plant health. Soil bacteria produce natural antibiotics that help plants resist diseases. Fungi assist plants in absorbing water and nutrients. Together, the bacteria and fungi are known as “organic matter.” The more concentration of organic matter in a sample of soil, the healthier that soil is. 
Our products assist the soil to reach its maximum capacity to be healthy and in the nourishment of plants. 

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