How to start on your journey to sustainable gardening with Avya Agro

Sustainable gardening is a term used to depict the idea of growing your own food without using harsh chemicals and pesticides. It’s a practice that has been in existence for many decades now, and those who took part in it never really had other concerns than feeding their families in an environmentally friendly fashion. Growing one’s own fruits, vegetables, grasses and shrubs in a way that does not use harmful pesticides and instead promotes a continuous harvest is sometimes referred to as sustainable gardening. In the old days of yore, growing your own food was just an ordinary practice that many families followed in harmony with nature; this was not a novel concept. Alternatives to harmful traditional pesticides are better for everyone. Sustainable, organic gardening is a great way to go green for the environment, and for yourself and your loved ones!

Today, practicing sustainable gardening is difficult to work. We’re working our way into the future and time is simply of the essence. The truth is that sustainable gardening isn’t a hard thing to practice – all you really need to get started are the basics in regards to your long-term plan for maintaining your garden i.e. seeds, soil, gardening tools etc., You don’t need to worry too much; it’s a lot like going natural. When you avoid artificial fertilizers or pesticides and go with compost and manure, you are ensuring that you haven’t created an environment that is a manicured, toxic waste dump – but rather something more akin to a thriving ecosystem filled with life!

In recent years, more and more households are practicing sustainable gardening, which not only reduces our carbon footprint by promoting gardening as an alternative to mass production, but it also helps promote healthier eating habits. Organic foods avoid the addition of artificial fertilizers and pesticides used in mass production, giving you the freshest produce possible!

Now that we know a bit about sustainable gardening, let’s take a look at some ways to start this green movement right from our own homes! For example, you can start a garden out in your backyard or even indoors with just pots and planters for growing vegetables and plants. If you’re into it, there are even more options such as planting various types of food crops or flowers which help improve the quality of the environment by cleansing the air around us. We suggest using as many natural compost, manure and fertilizer products in your home gardens as possible so you can leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth by living sustainably. Using all-natural and chemical-free materials while gardening is what will sustain your efforts in the long run, and protect the environment.

Organic waste that remains buried in landfills decomposes and leaks harmful gases into the environment, including methane. But reducing the amount of organic waste is one of the easiest ways to reduce methane emissions! As compost decomposes it releases carbon dioxide which, in turn, plants breathe to grow more quickly. Because compost contains healthier, more stable nutrients than chemical fertilizers it creates larger and better yielding gardens.

Yes, we have heard it all before! As a very busy person and an urbanite, you might wonder where you’ll find the time and energy to gather organic waste and compost yourselves? Or how you’ll be able to create your own organic fertilizers and manures? Rest assured that we can help you with these things. Avya Agro is here to give back some of the good that nature has given us by finding innovative solutions for our plants and people!

Avya Agro is a company that aims to bring India’s finest organic products to people around the country. We seek out farmers who use only 100% natural fertilizer and manure products made exclusively from plants and animal wastes! We guarantee our customers they are getting an authentic and 100% homegrown, chemical-free product that has been produced in India. Our range of organic products includes vermicompost, organic manure, cocopeat, bonemeal, and various other organic fertilizers and manures. We also provide environmentally- and health-conscious customers with A2 Cultured Ghee prepared on our farms by the ancient bilona method.



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