Cocopeat- 1kg


Avya Agro Cocopeat

  • Retains moisture, stores, and releases nutrients to roots over an extended period of time enhancing plant growth
  • Ideal growing media for plants
  • Used for horticultural and agricultural applications

What is Coco Peat and why should we use it? Coco peat is also known as coir peat/pith is the proven alternative to mined peat moss. Avyaagro Coco peat powder is 100% organic and made from coconut husk. With continuous innovation and up-gradation of process, coco peat outperforms most of the popular brands of peat. Avyaagro Coco peat powder not only revitalizes your plants but also ensures uniformity in growth by enhancing water retention and microbial activity. Coir peat contains high-quality nutrients that keep the soil healthy in a natural way. It also acts as a top dressing that helps maintain moisture and reconditions the soil. Avyaagro Coco Peat Powder comes in ready-to-use condition and is long-lasting that can be used up to 3 long years from manufacturing.

Usage or Applications: Substitute of soil for smaller indoor Home, Kitchen garden, or terrace garden plants (Up to 4 feet in height). Ideal growing media for plants used for horticultural and Floriculture applications. Widely used in Greenhouse. Ideal for hanging plants due to its lightweight. Used for Landscape gardens & lawns. Widely used as Hydroponics growing media. Widely used by nursery & gardening professionals.

Weight 1 kg

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