Full Moon Cultured Ghee- 250gm



Ghee is traditionally made on the waxing moon according to ancient Ayurvedic texts. They explained that when the moon is waxing, the grass is reaching upward toward the sky. The cows eat the grass full of minerals and waters of the Earth pulled by the moon, which inevitably transfers into the milk. To make ghee from the butter of the cow on the waxing moon is special because it infuses that expansive energy into the holy oil, which we then consume, becoming part of our bodies.

We bring you full moon cultured ghee which has been passed down through generations in our Family.

In ancient times, it was common to make ghee as the moon developed into a full moon. This practice of making ghee on a full moon is considered auspicious because the moon is thought to influence “Soma” – the source of nourishment, nectar, and bliss. Soma is a Sanskrit term which is derived from the root word “su” which means ‘to energize, stimulate, expand, and grow’.

Soma is also called “amrita” which means nectar and is considered the nectar of immortality. Soma is that which nourishes all things and making ghee during a waxing or full moon provides for an increase of this nourishing quality of ghee. 


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