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Panchagavya is an organic product having the potential to play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in the plant system. Panchagavya consists of nine products viz. cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, Tender coconut, and water. When suitably mixed and used, these have miraculous effects.

It helps in increasing the size of the leaves thus having a denser canopy and final yield.
With the application of Panchagavya, the plants show an increase in the growth of side shoots. It will help in increasing the fruits.
The Magic Fertilizer will help in increasing the root growth profusely. Also, the health of roots is very important for plants.
Panchagavya use will increase the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.
The quality of yield increases considerably.
Panchagavya in Agriculture helps in decreasing the use of Chemical Fertilizers.
Panchagavya for Plants is perfect for Organic Farming.

Directions to use:

  • Shake the bottle well before every use.
  • Spray the diluted liquid on the soil and plant.
  • Repeat the process every 15 days


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