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Tulsi, also known as the Holy Basil.

While Tulsi has a special religious significance, it is also prized for its medicinal qualities. According to Ayurveda and traditional medicine, the bitter and slightly astringent Tulsi leaves are nature’s best antibiotics.

“The essential oils found in Tulsi, effectively act on our respiratory system.”

It is also often recommended to start your day by having two to three fresh Tulsi leaves on an empty stomach. It is a great blood purifier and is known to flush out toxins and clean your internal systems.

One reason is that Tulsi leaves contain a high amount of mercury and iron, which are released on chewing them. These minerals are known to damage your teeth and cause discoloration. Moreover, Tulsi leaves are also slightly acidic in nature and since the environment in our mouth is alkaline, it may cause the tooth enamel to wear away if consumed regularly in very large quantities. However, the fresh juice extracted from Tulsi leave is often used as a home remedy for mouth ulcers. But it is still advised to avoid chewing raw Tulsi leaves.

Hence Tulsi leaves should be gulped down with a glass of water instead of being chewed, perhaps as a preventive measure.”

As we begin busy with our schedule we often miss out on eating tulsi leaves.

So to ease out we have come up with tulsi ark.

Four Types of Tulsi Plants we use in our tulsi ark… 

In Indian Ayurvedic texts, there are four types of tulsi plants are mentioned. And all four of them have amazing benefits

Types Of Tulsi Plants In India

Krishna Tulsi – – It is also famous for its crispy and peppery taste. 

Rama Tulsi– It emits a strong aroma from its every part.

Vana Tulsi – -. The strong antioxidant activity of Vana Tulsi slows down the aging process.

Kapoor Tulsi–It helps in the treatment of bronchitis, malaria, diarrhea, dysentery, skin disease, arthritis, eye diseases, and insect bites.

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