What is Vermicompost and why are gardeners loving it? Let us understand.

The perfect, simple way to make compost just got even easier with the addition of small worms! Nothing could be simpler than digging up some worms from your backyard and slapping them into your bin—and then, in a few months or so, you’ll have rich, black worm castings for your garden. The process is all-natural and doesn’t use any kind of chemicals on earth. Vermicompost is homogenized and nutrient-rich manure. It’s used as a means of promoting healthy plant growth. Vermiculture allows for the recovery of precious nutrients from organic waste. When used as an ecological resource, vermicompost can produce valuable composts out of organic refuse.

Earthworms are a modern farmer’s best friend, according to a new book. Farmers aren’t hauling in earthworms from the dirt, but rather using a practice known as vermicompost that turns food scraps into organic fertilizer. Vermicompost is earthworm poo, and farmers who use it say it’s more efficient than chemical-based fertilizers, plus it allows them to serve up naturally grown products at a lower cost than their competitors.

How can vermicompost be beneficial for farms and gardens?

Vermicompost easily mixes with soil, speeding up the growth of plants. The micro-and macronutrients that are found in vermicompost introduce microorganisms to the soil which makes more of them spring to life within a short span while also making one’s soil feel velvety and rich. It is thought to suppress plant disease and better maintain a breathable living environment for your plants while also helping heavy soils become more readily enriched. Vermicompost is formulated to work on water retention and cracking the crusted layers of poor quality soils so they can be brought back to life with a little help from Mother Nature.

Avya Agro Vermicompost is created on Avya Agro farms. These vermicomposts are highly regarded by our customers. The vermicompost of Avya Agro farms is rich in quality and completely natural in nature, containing no harmful elements or artificial coloring. It’s 100% safe to use in gardens or anywhere else one would consider using compost or soil. Its high-quality organic ingredients empower our Indian farmers and urban gardeners to reconsider how they garden sustainably and organically. We’re proud to spread the good of nature that we trust in and open our doors to you as we progress along this journey together!

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