Why is consuming A2 Cultured Ghee very healthy?

Ghee is popular in India because of its sacred components, whether it be the hidden effect of ghee on meditation or the ritualistic use of ghee during Hindu festivals. The tulsi plant (often compared to garlic’s ability to repel vampires) even uses ghee as bait for attracting bees and insects into its flower. Ghee is so well-liked by Indians that every state in India has its local brand of ghee, like Navi-Mumbai’s famous Avya Agro’s always delicious A2 Cultured Ghee. From holy rites to delicious foods, Indians have revered the Ghee for millennia. With the rise of health-conscious urbanites, it’s not uncommon to see ghee pop up in Indian recipes across the world!

One of the healthiest foods in the world and also an Ayurvedic food is desi ghee or bilona ghee. The reason why it is so healthy is because it contains various good fats that make you feel full, increase your metabolism, lubricate your nerves and restore your energy in general. Desi ghee, also known as bilona ghee and clarified butter, is a staple ingredient in Indian cooking. It’s made using cow’s milk that goes through the process of curdling and then pressing to get fresh buttermilk. Next, you boil the fresh buttermilk vigorously until all the water evaporates leaving behind an amber-colored liquid known as desi ghee.

Cow ghee’s high nutritional value, vitamins, and minerals have an array of benefits for the body. Let us get to know a few today!

Improving eyesight – Ghee for the eyes is cooling, so it works to cool down your organs that have become imbalanced by pitta. This oil nourishes dry and tired eyes. Desi ghee is high in essential fatty acids and makes the perfect ingredient for an eye cream because of its benefits to the health of one’s eyesight with regular use.

Helps in balancing diabetes – Bilona ghee from Indian cows are a source of healthy fat, which according to practitioners of Ayurveda helps in metabolizing the nutrients you get from food. This process in turn helps in regulating blood sugar levels, ensuring diabetes management.

Regulates the function of the digestive system- A2 desi cow ghee is a popular choice among customers who suffer from digestive issues. Unlike many other kinds of ghee on the market that cause acid reflux and cramps, A2 Indian Cow Ghee has properties that help to ease digestion by increasing the body’s natural production of bile. This helps keep solid wastes moving out of the intestines for easy elimination – something that is vital for helping people lose weight without having to force themselves or starve themselves into doing so. Because A2 Indian Cow Ghee is able to improve the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream and lower digestive tract pH levels, this kind of food can also help dissolve excess fats so that they may be burned for energy instead.

Improves bone health- A2 cow ghee boasts an abundance of vitamins A, D, and E as well as K2 which helps our bodies absorb calcium and improve the strength of our bones – which can aid in alleviating joint pain and improving flexibility.

Improved body immunity- A2 Ghee is a natural product made from pure A2 milk that has four times more CLA than other dairy products. It helps you rebalance your omega 3/6 ratio and promotes healthy intestinal flora as well as greatly improving skin, joint, and muscle health.

Avya Agro is dedicated to supplying Indian society with “100% natural” Ayurvedic Bilona Cultured Ghee. We advocate for sustainability and work hard to share that with everyone. Our most well-known product Avya Agro A2 Cultured Ghee has been enjoyed by many Indians in Mumbai as well as Navi Mumbai and now we’re ready to spread the goodness all over India.

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